The Ultimate Activity Accessory

Life has a Soundtrack. Control Yours.


The first ever Bluetooth glove with AirTap technology. Control your device like never before.

Easy as:

1. Wirelessly connect from your glove to your mobile device with Bluetooth.

2. Tap your fingers together to trigger an action, just like hitting a button on a remote.

3. Skip tracks, pause your music, or just pump up the volume!


Built to be flexible, with a removable module for standalone control. A remote for any moment.

When the weather turns warm and a glove isn't practical, just unplug the control module and strap it to your bike, wrist, keychain, or anywhere for standalone control.


Same functionality, no glove. Go Anywhere

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Music makes the moment.

We believe Music can be accessed and controlled easier. Interacting with your device means fishing it out of a pocket and fumbling to make a change. This takes you away from the moment, instead of enhancing it. Leave your phone in your pocket and control better and faster than ever before.

Tap and Go. GoGlove.

True flexibility

GoGlove is designed to work on it's own, or when wearing any outer glove. So keep your favorite gloves and slip GoGlove underneath, because you shouldn't have to change your style to get the control you want.

No compromises, just seamless interaction.

GoGlove is a thin and breathable glove that can be worn on its own or as a liner underneath an outer glove, without losing any functionality. The module can be removed and used as a standalone remote with the same functionality, attach the strap to turn it into a wristband or attach it almost anything.

One control module can be swapped between both.


Will it work in cold weather?

Yes! All the way down to the most frigid day on the slopes

How long does the battery last?

We have designed GoGlove to last up to 6 months of actual activity, meaning you may get years of battery life from your device.

Will it work with any Bluetooth device?

Although apps are only provided for Android and iOS, the GoGlove should work with any Bluetooth LE capable device.

How do I use the glove?

To trigger an action on your device (change song/play/pause/etc), simply press the correct finger to your thumb. Special sensors will not trip if you try to grab something or flex your hand.

Is it Waterproof?

GoGlove can handle a normal amount of moisture without being harmed. Just please don't go swimming with it!

Will it work with any music app?

Yes! You can use it to control iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, or any 3rd party or native music app.

Why a thin glove liner? What if I need a thicker glove?

GoGlove uses AirTap technology that doesn't require direct contact. So you can wear an outer glove over top and still use it. No-touch required.

Where can I buy GoGlove?

We will be re-launching a Kickstarter campaign later this year. Please sign up below to receive more information.


  • iOS 7+ (requires iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later)
  • Android 4.4+
  • Native Apps (iTunes, Google Play)
  • 3rd Party Apps (Pandora, Spotify, etc.)


  • Music: Play/Pause/Next Track/Previous Track
  • Volume: Up/Down/Mute
  • Phone: Home/Siri
  • Camera: Take Picture


  • Battery Life: Up to 6 months
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE

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